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Post by elemeNt on Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:41 pm

to quickscope (shooting the awp almost like without a scope), you would have to position the center of your screen on the enemy, press the right mouse button and then quickly the left mouse button (almost simultaneously). as you all know, shooting the awp without going into zoom mode will result in a horrible miss every time. so, by doing this, you are technically scoping and then shooting, although faster. if you missed after you quickscoped the enemy, then quickly change to your pistol and continue fighting, or switch back to the awp to shoot him some more.

if you want to practice your quickscope or noscope quickly and effectively, go into zoom mode with the awp and using a water-based marker pen, paint a small dot on the center of the screen (the red dot on the scope). then, practice using that point. after you get the feeling of the center, wipe the dot off a bit so it appears faded and hard to see. during this time try to remember the center of the screen instead of depending on the dot. after you get the complete picture of where the exact center is, wipe the dot off completely. remember this would take months or even years to master.

you would need to have very fast reactions if you are to rely on the awp. you would need to train your reflex shots. reflex shots are where you hand will flick quickly to the enemy and shoot him down. example, when you are aiming the awp at the left corner, but suddenly an enemy comes from the right, your hand will instinctively flick to the right accurately and kill him fast. the best way to practice your reflex shots is through constant practice and frequent visits to CSDM servers. but there is another way, repetition training. just click the link and you're there:

well, i hope that helped Very Happy if you have anymore questions please ask.

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